Process control for mining and metal industries
Novatec SA Services

Novatec SA Services Process control for mining and metal industries

Our employees and our partners have participated in delivery, integration, start-up and commissioning in many beneficiation projects in various mining and metal industries and become familiar with different processes such as:

Raw material handling plants - Material handling, Conveyor Systems, Dosing, Weighing

Milling Plants - Mills and Milling components, Crushing and Screening, Dosing control

Mineral Separation and Dewatering Plants - Flotation, Thickening, Filtration, Drying

Mineral processing plants - Ore thickening, Pressure acid leaching, Raw Liquor Neutralization, Liquid and gas Utilities

Fumes extraction and treatment plants - Filters handling, Air suction, fans and temperature control, Separation, Dust Conveying

Water treatment plants - Pump stations, water chemical treatment, filtering and cooling plants, desalinisation plants, waste water treatment.

Metals - Electric arc furnace, Vacuum degassing systems, Scrap yard plant, Continuous casting machine. Reheating furnace, speed control, Shears & Cutting devices, Finishing area.